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Company Energotherm Sp. z o.o. was formed in 1988 and right from the beginning it has been operating in power generation industry, offering service enhancing quality and parameters of machinery. Among the company's customers are utilities, combined heat and power plant and industrial heat-only boiler stations, as well as facilities operating in other industries, heat generation and municipal units.

The core business of ENERGOTHERM is commissioning and performance tests of thermal and power generation equipment using advanced information technology, analysis and assessment of operation, including future modernization direction.

Energotherm also provides specialised technical training, the subject of which is broadly defined power generation and thermal energy conversion. As a result of such training vocation certification may be obtained. In co-operation with Poznań University of Technology we organize workshops for students. Our company introduced and maintains Quality Management System compliant with ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Na zlecenie PGE Górnictwa i Energetyki Konwencjonalnej S.A. w marcu 2012 r. zostały zakończone pomiary i badania w:

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Celem pomiarów cieplnych bloku było wyznaczenie wielkości charakterystycznych kotła, turbozespołu i bloku(...)

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